Results Are Permanent: How would you feel if you could stand tall for the rest of your life. Height is a precious commodity.

"I've tried many products out there and none of them worked so I thought there was no hope for me. But my gut feeling told me that this would work and it did. After four months I grew two inches with Miracle Growth™ Arginine and never looked back. Thanks!"

Mark, Age 19 from Tampa Florida

"I wanted results and I got them with Miracle Growth™ Arginine. This stuff really works. My friends are now taking it. They did not believe me until they saw how much more I grew during the six month treatment I obtained three inches and now look down at them literally (they have to look up at me)! I really appreciate what you guys have done for me."

Henry, age 21 Catskill New York

"There are alot of tall guys in my school that play basketball. I wanted to have an extra-edge advantage so that I could play center. My coach told me I was too short to play center. So I decided to take Miracle Growth™ Arginine and within nine months I grew five and half inches. Now that I play center my teamates want to know how I did it. I just tell them that I had a late growth spurt.

Tom, 18 Carson California

"My son asked me if I could get him Miracle Growth™Arginine for his birthday. He is a little shorter than his friends and I knew that it made him feel bad. So I chose to get him Miracle Growth™ Arginine based on the facts mentioned in your site and some extra research that I did. Well, I got to hand it to you. He is definately taller, in fact he is now one of the tallest amonst his group of friends. It means alot to him and now never stops thanking me for what I did. That is why I want to thank you for helping my son grow taller."

Chuck 43, Son Age 16 Portland Oregon

"It took me three and half months to start seeing results. At first I was frustrated but I felt something inside me was working. So I kept taking the supplement as you described and noticed I gained about 1.2 inches in three and half months. By the fifth month I added another two inches quickly. Now that my boyfriend is shorter he is taking the supplement (lol). Thank you.

Barbara, 23 Chicago Illinois

"I can't explain the feeling I get when I walk by the girl that I like now that I am taller. She used to be taller than I was and that made me shy to approach her. Six months later I am three inches taller with Miracle Growth™. Wow, what a feeling!"

Michael, age 19 Kansis City

"Not once, but twice Miracle Growth™ Arginine worked. I added one inch in three months and then another inch after I started taking it again nine months later. You guys rock."

Kevin 27, Los Angeles California

"I guess you do get what you pay for. I tried other stuff to grow taller but no cigar. I did not have the money for Miracle Growth™ Arginine so a friend let me borrow some. Once I got my six month supplies worth I did not know that I would end up four inches taller. Every penny was worth it. Thanks yall.

Tom, Age 34 Arkansas

"I am 23, fmale from India and was 180 cm tall. I wanted more height so I tried many products. It was a waste of my hard earned money until I tried Miracle Growth™ Arginine which worked. I have two more inches and think I will gain more. This stuff is amazing. I want to order more."

Archana Soni Age 23, Delhi

"I heard about you guys on tv and thought to myself whether this product would work or not. I decided, what the heck, since you provide a money back guarantee I had nothing to lose. Well after my first month I decided to get a refund since I did not notice any height. But my girlfriend told me to keep it and wait since results take longer on some individuals. Guess what, she was right. I gained two inches after the fourth month. Man, I would be shorter if it wasn't for her. I am going to marry her. Thanks very much.

Arnold, age 41 San Diego California



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