Brazilian Bombshell, : “At 5' 11" her drop dead good looks and exceptional height have landed her a spot as one of the world's premier supermodels..”

Upon further studies were were able to isolate the key ingredients that justified rapid growth. Once these vital ingredients were discovered were were able to improve upon them by adding other ingredients that accelerate the effects. Thus growth became attainable at a much faster rate than normal.
Dr. Serrano had read about our experiments and became very interested in trying them out with his patients. He agreed to perform further studies with certain patients of his which complained of lower back pain and lack of height. Since the main discovered ingredients are completely safe and side-effect free he did not require any of his patients to sign a form. Instead he simply recommend the patients our isolated ingredients as pain relievers. Little did they know that height would be an added benefit. After a few months his patients lower lumber vertabrae became bigger, thicker, and much stronger. Their posture improved as well and they grew an additional inch or more; even the much older patients. Once the results were in, Dr. Serrano became our sponsor and now recommends these vital ingredients to every patient that feels the need to be taller. The only complaint he received was from one patient who could feel the growth happening on his femur. He had minor aches associated with rapid growth. However, his pain went away once Dr. Serrano prescribed pain relief medicine.

Truly a miracle of modern technology; isolating growth potentiators is our specialty and with the advances of bio-engineering at our disposal we can provide you with the key elements for growth. That is why you should start taking these ultimate ingredients, while you still can.

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