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Tall Man Pill Are you upset about being short? Do you wish there was something you could take to help you grow taller?

Discover the proven benefits of Miracle Growth
® Arginine – the doctor-prescribed grow-taller pills.  

FDA Approved to Increase the Production of Human Growth Hormone

Adequate production of human growth hormone is essential for the maintenance of normal rates of growth in children and young adults. Arginine is a growing pill that stimulates the production of

human growth hormone.  As a result, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved Arginine for the treatment of stunted growth.

Pioneer Endocrinologist Discovers the Frequent Source of Stunted Growth

A leading endocrinologist at the New England Medical Center in Boston, Maurice Raben, discovered that height deficiency is directly linked to a hypoactive pituitary gland. FDA

Human growth hormone is secreted by the pituitary glad. Sometimes, the gland does not secrete enough of the hormone, a condition that can result in short stature. Thankfully, Arginine has been shown to stimulate the production of human growth hormone.

Doctors Prescribe Arginine to Enhance Bone Growth and Tallness

Doctors prescribe argenine in cases where infants and children are not growing at a normal rate. It has been shown to be the most useful amino acid in the prevention of growth problems and the stimulation of bone mass and length.

If you're struggling with shortness, you may find that the recommended daily dose of Arginine growing pills can help you grow taller.

Yes, You Can Grow Taller!

How tall can you grow? The answer depends on a variety of factors, including genetics, health, and age. There’s nothing you can do about genetics. But you can take care of your health by eating right and exercising regularly. Taking nutritional supplements can be part of maintaining good health – and Arginine is the grow-taller pill most likely to help you grow taller.

Why You Should Choose Miracle Growth® Arginine

Not all Arginine Supplements are the Same

The Journal Of Health & Nutrition reports that arginine works best in its pure form or when combined with calcium.

Many Arginine supplements do not contain pure Arginine. So they’re far less absorbable by the body.

Miracle Growth® is pure Arginine. So it’s virtually 100% bioavailable!
As a result, it provides the important benefits of Arginine in an optimal way.

Miracle Growth® Arginine is Similar to the Human Skeleton

The mineral composition of Miracle Growth® Arginine is very similar to the composition of the human skeleton. That’s one reason it’s the best Arginine growing pill to unlock your body’s growth potential.

Miracle Growth Arginine® is made by a company you can trust

Miracle Growth® is the only arginine supplement that is produced by Ortho-Advanced™ Laboratories. It’s part of a multibillion-dollar company that provides the highest quality medicines and supplements worldwide.

Ortho-Advanced Laboratories represents the country's leading research-based pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. We carry over 6,000 nutritional and homeopathic products, representing over 180 leading brands.  

The pure Arginine in Miracle Growth® Arginine is researched and formulated only in facilities rated A+ by the government.  Some of the nation’s leading research physicians and nutritionists work at our facilities.

Ortho-Advanced Laboratories was named one of the 500 fastest-growing private companies in the United States for the third year in a row by 500 Magazine.

Our mission is to bring you the finest nutritional supplements.

Real-Life Testimonials

Read these real-life testimonials from people who took Miracle Growth® Arginine.

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"It took me three and half months to start seeing results. At first I was frustrated but I felt something inside me was working. So I kept taking the supplement as you described and noticed I gained about 1.2 inches in three and half months. By the fifth month I added another two inches quickly. Now that my boyfriend is shorter, he is taking the supplement (lol). Thank you.

Barbara, 23 Chicago Illinois

Taller Girl

"My son asked me if I could get him Miracle Growth™Arginine for his birthday. He is a little shorter than his friends and I knew that it made him feel bad. So I chose to get him Miracle Growth Arginine® based on the facts mentioned in your site and some extra research that I did. Well, I got to hand it to you. He is definitely taller, in fact, he is now one of the tallest among his group of friends. It means a lot to him and now never stops thanking me for what I did. That is why I want to thank you for helping my son grow taller."

Chuck 43, Son Age 16 Portland Oregon

Growing Taller With MGA
"I wanted results and I got them with Miracle Growth™ Arginine®. This stuff really works. My friends are now taking it. They did not believe me until they saw how much more I grew during the six month treatment.  I obtained three inches and now look down at them literally (they have to look up at me)! I really appreciate what you guys have done for me."

Henry, age 21 Catskill New York

Taller Boy

The Influence of Age on Growth

If you’re seventeen or younger, you’re still growing naturally and are more likely to be able to stimulate your body to grow taller. Taking the recommended daily dose of Miracle Growth® growing pills may help.  

If you’re older than seventeen, you may still be able to stimulate your body to grow taller.  We have true-life testimonials from people up to the age of 40 who took the recommended dose of Miracle Growth® Arginine and grew taller – in just months!

One reason is that, from the age of 35 onward, the body produces significantly less Arginine, regardless of whether you’re male or female.  A top-quality Arginine supplement can help make up for the decline in production.

Choose Miracle Growth Arginine® as your growing pills – and save!

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Guaranteed Results – Or your Money Back!
Order a month’s supply of Miracle Growth® Arginine right now for the low price of just $139.97 USD. Use the whole bottle. If you’re not completely satisfied, we'll refund your money – no questions asked.

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This informative book tells you all about the supplement that is being used by medical professionals worldwide to treat short stature, the role amino acids play in growth, the many benefits of Miracle Growth Arginine®, and test results of the supplement. You’ll find it an invaluable guide to human growth that can help you achieve your own tallness potential.

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Put the growth advantages of Arginine growing pills to work for you – with Miracle Growth Arginine® – and be as tall as you can be!
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When taken with pure Arginine, coral calcium may help increase your bone mass and height!  

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Decide you don’t want to be short any longer – and start to achieve the full potential of your height.



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In 1992 we were met with one challenge which was to develop a safe alternative medication for brittle bone patients.

Throughout our research we noticed how a certain number of our patients with brittle bones were not only getting stronger bones but they were also getting taller. We knew we were on to something when one of our patients gave her child our medication for a couple of months. This 17 year-old adolescent’s femur quickly increased in length by three and a quarter inches with an additional increase in the tibia and fibula of one inch. By the time we met Erin he had increased his height by five inches with our safe alternative medication.

Upon further studies with other patients we found out click here to read further     read more...








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